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SoSuTV_Logo_Tag-white-01.png innovates during covid-19 crisis

We are integrating several technologies in order to keep government communications running while ensuring safety.


SoSu.TV takes preparations through the COVID-19 crisis


As the COVID-19 crisis accelerates, SoSu.TV is taking precautionary measures to increase safety for our employees and clients. 


  • Producers sanitize equipment in between shoots

  • SoSu.TV relocated edit stations to producer’s homes

  • SoSu.TV producers wear PPE when shooting in the field

  • Producers self-quarantine when not working in isolated chambers A/V rooms


The coronavirus crisis is a time to be cautionary… but it is also a time to innovate. SoSu.TV continues to stay ahead of the curve in terms of live broadcast. We’re currently pioneering new ways of broadcasting and livestreaming public meetings and press briefings. 


  • We've added the ability to video conference elected officials and staff into public meetings by integrating Zoom and Microsoft Teams

  • Incorporated virtual public comment via voicemail, VOIP and video conference into the livestream for added safety and social distancing for all

  • Added re-streaming technology to simulcast important regional live broadcasts to multiple platforms, including a media pool for television media partners.

  • Incorporated ASL and language interpreters into livestream

  • SoSu.TV is currently working on a broadcast system that will allow for remote cameras to be operated from our headquarters

  • Added ability to incorporate video streams from anywhere into the broadcast to allow community members and officials to interact from remote locations.


We look forward to the end of the COVID-19 crisis. In the interim, we are helping government agencies continue to inform and engage citizens in order to keep us progressing together.


Please contact us to learn more about how we can customize remote livestreaming systems for your agency during this crisis. 

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